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Established in 2014, Yam Table is an online commerce start-up company specializing in seafood products. It aims to offer high-quality seafood products at reasonable prices by cutting unnecessary intermediaries in the distribution processes. In 2019, it achieved annual sales of 32.1 billion won, with an annual sales growth rate of 206% compared to the previous year. In June 2020, the first Yam Table Omni store opened in Segok-dong, Seoul.



Due to the nature of the Omni store, reducing operating costs and providing stellar customer service with cost-effective products was a constant concern. Most of the operation work was spent on replacing paper price tags and product information, so there was relatively little time to focus on customer service. Yam Table found InforTab ESL to be the most suitable solution in reducing operating costs and improving customer service. RAINUS was an active contributor in helping improve the efficiency of their store operations.



Yam Table saw that RAINUS InforTab could help them further improve the convergence of online and offline stores. Customers could simultaneously access information both online and offline, enabling the store to provide expanded services, including the dissemination of guidelines for fresh food checkups, warnings, and customized explanations of food products. Given the benefits of implementing digital assistance, Yam Table requested the immediate installation of electronic shelf labels to prepare for their store opening.



Following the introduction of the RAINUS solution, product prices and information have become more easily manageable, allowing associates to focus more on attending to customer service. Yam Table has also enabled to efficiently operate a customer service for the online and offline purchase of menu items, such as sashimi, sushi, meal kits, and other convenient food items during busy hours.








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