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RAINUS supplies InforTab to Retail Giant Lotte Department Store





Deployed in Lotte’s premium supermarket, the Electronic Shelf Labels will help manage the thousands of products sold by Lotte.




Lotte Department Store, One of South Korea’s largest brand and department store chain, has increased its assets as it opened a new location on August 20th, 2021 at Hwaseong, a city neighboring Seoul in the South.



InforTab has been rolled out in Lotte Avenue & Mart, Lotte’s premium mart inside their department store, which provides buyers with high quality, gourmet products sourced from all around the world.



One of any Department Store’s busiest area is often its food area, which increases the need for highly effective customer service and for an increased productivity. By implementing RAINUS’ InforTab, store operators will save a substantial amount of time otherwise dedicated to pricing, inventory management, and more. For example, pricing information for thousands of products can be updated simultaneously on the labels.



Store managers can plan sales via the online Layout Design app, where each label display can be customized to show discount information.



This deployment will be highly beneficial for both the Lotte staff and consumers as it makes store operations and shopping easier. Pricing automation will also help increases brand image and fidelity via minimizing errors.



Lotte, through this implementation, hopes to increase its ROI (return on investment) in the long run via increased operation efficiency and enhanced customer service.






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